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Sabi Sabi Private Game Reserve

Sabi Sabi Private Game Reserve

The Sabi Sands Game Reserve shares a common 50 km unfenced boundary with the Kruger National park to the east. Two perennial rivers, the Sabi and the Sand flow through this Game Park, sustaining the diverse fauna and flora of the area, which enjoys one of the highest and most bio-diverse wildlife populations of any area in Africa. Such is the integrity of the environment that there is consistently a year round population of animals that remain within the area. There is limited migration between this, the Sabi Sands Game Reserve and the Kruger National Park, ensuring genetic diversity with an integrated biodiversity within the entire 2, 7 million hectare protected area. This area is in the process of being further enlarged within the Peace Park concept and integration and the joining with protected areas in Mozambique and eventually Zimbabwe.

The Sabi Sabi philosophy of 'yesterday, today and tomorrow' stems from over 100 years of safari experience; a history richly woven into the atmosphere of each private game lodge. South Africa and its warm hospitality echo through the style of every one.

Selati Camp reflects yesterday's colonial era, a time when Late 19th Century construction began on the Selati Railway Line linking the western goldfields to the continent's East coast.

Each air-conditioned thatched suite at Bush Lodge features exquisite ethnic décor in keeping with the bushveld environment. The lodge features artistically designed open courtyards with spectacular wooden carvings by renowned South African sculptors, created from wood salvaged from the bushveld. Mandleve Suite, at Bush Lodge is an ultra-luxury suite perfect for honeymooners. It encompasses a large suite, open plan lounge and spacious bathroom with outside shower. Private pool, safari, personal attendant plus, in room dining.

Hidden on the banks of the Msuthu River lies the perfect offering for family game lodge accommodation in South Africa. Little Bush Camp is the newest addition to Sabi Sabi.

The warmth and vibrancy of Bush Lodge combined with an intimacy and seclusion is why it is considered as the ideal family game lodge accommodation offering. Home to six luxurious suites, all overlooking the riverbed, this family game lodge accommodation jewel boasts all the features associated with an exceptional bush lodge - beautiful setting, excellent cuisine and abundant wildlife.

The Earth Lodge entrance brings you to an uninterrupted bushveld panorama. A sense of peace consumes you. You are cocooned in luxury, inspiration and grace. There are twelve suites only, in addition to the Amber Suite. Each is attended by a Private Butler and is appointed with specially commissioned furnishings, a secluded plunge pool and open air shower. The natural sculptures of Geoffrey Armstrong add a powerful magic. The Amber Suite is generous beyond belief in its dimensions and boasts its own exercise room, steam room, study and kitchen. It captures art and luxury in one unique experience. The boma, its walls sculpted from roots and built up piece by piece, captures the drama of an African night and embraces the power of the wilderness. You can renew yourself in this place. The Earth Nature Spa and exercise centre. Massages, natural therapies or a classic spa. A secluded library. Art gallery. Meditation garden. Everything has been created for your indulgence. Dining in a subterranean cellar will be a celebration you are not likely to forget. Your own armed and knowledgeable Game Ranger and Shangaan Tracker will take you deep into the bushveld by open Land Rover or on foot. Close enough to share in a thrilling encounter with Africa's beautiful wild creatures.

The concept of 'Safari' conjures up images of adventure, thrilling landscapes and absorbing wildlife. The advantage of Sabi Sabi Safaris stems from the fact that animals on the Reserve have not been hunted for over half a century. Because they have become habituated, they perceive the outline of a vehicle carrying humans as non-threatening. Tourists can therefore look forward to the unique experience of being driven extraordinarily close to the large mammals which, despite being totally wild, continue unperturbed in their natural patterns of hunting, feeding, mating and suckling. Each morning and evening, Safaris in open Landrovers drive through a wide variety of habitats, allowing you to Reservations the vast interactions of the wild. After breakfast, guests on guided walking trails can experience the natural environment on foot. The dedicated, skilled and passionate Rangers lead you to discover miracles of Nature you may never have dreamed existed.

As the fierce heat of the day cools, animals move out of the shade of the trees, and birds increase the volume of their song. In the late afternoon, the call of the Crested Francolin reverberates through the Bushveld. You will be aware of colours softening to beautiful, gentle hues that vary with each season. New scents fill the air as the sun dips behind the horizon. The Ranger will choose a spot where you can stretch your legs and enjoy a sundowner alongside the vehicle. The dusk period tends to be quieter. There is a lull as the animals sense the transition into a time of increased danger. The nocturnal hunters start stirring, and their prey needs to be alert for survival through the night. If you are lucky, you may be able to watch a lion or his pride prepare for the evening hunt. Their long bodies stretch to ease muscles cramped from lying in the shade during the day; claws are sharpened and sinews lengthened against a tree; vegetation is marked with urine, and the wind sniffed for scents; only then do they set off in a slow, loose-jointed, arrogant amble.

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