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Camps Bay Retreat

Camps Bay Retreat

A retreat can be a haven, or private space where one goes to feel safe, calm and quiet. Or it can be a period of reflection away from usual activities.

And the perfect place to conduct a period of quiet contemplation is the Camps Bay Retreat - a peaceful paradise on one of the most magnificent estates in South Africa. Camps Bay Retreat comprises of four acres with waterfalls, mountain streams and pools. The views are simply splendid across the ever-changing Atlantic Ocean and along the peaks of the Twelve Apostles mountain range. The air is fresh, washed clean from the sea and you will hear the "quiet" like never before. Most importantly you'll feel the peace.

Yet, surprisingly, this large estate is situated in the popular and glamorous seaside resort of Camps Bay, one of the most beautiful bays in the world. Tucked away in the crook of a glen that runs between Lions Head and Table Mountain, Camps Bay Retreat bids you welcome.

Come and spend a period of rest and rejuvenation in the perfect peace of the estate. Stay at Camps Bay Retreat overnight, for a day, a week or more and you are certain to leave feeling restored and revitalized like never before.

You have a choice of accommodation options from the elegant Earls Dyke Manor, the contemporary Deck House or The Villa. Elegant, yet opulent, and superbly comfortable, the Manor is a place to sink into and savor, or opt for the natural beauty that surrounds Deck House and The Villa, where trees and mountains give you a perfect excuse to indulge yourself for longer.

Choose to spend your time alone, or in the company of the executive staff who are there to take care of you. Stroll the extensive gardens and spend time in secluded hideaways and peaceful places of contemplation. Or take a guided walk in the grounds with the resident Horticulturalist to see where the fynbos is being restored and a natural forest established.

His herb garden supplies thyme, rosemary, mint, chocolate mint and rocket to the restaurant; and you are more than welcome to pay him a visit.

For a rejuvenating treat, you're invited to visit the Skin & Body Centre where you can enjoy a unique wellness experience in absolute tranquility. The signature treatment for couples includes a massage by the internationally qualified therapists.

The resident dogs will happily escort you on a forest walk. With their warm and welcoming greeting you're assured of uncomplicated, undemanding companionship. Or just enjoy the wonderful feel of a velvet ear in your hand and the sound of a happily thumping tail.

Take advantage of a variety of swimming pools, the tennis court, gym, mountain bikes and nature trails. And end your day with a magical picnic in the garden or a scrumptious meal from the restaurant. Or just sit quietly in your own special space at dusk and savor a glorious sunset as the sun slips down into the ocean.

The Retreat Kitchen provides an intimate dining experience. Whether Peet, the Executive Chef, is using specially aged meats, fresh herbs, or fresh fish, braaiing (outdoor cooking over coals), steaming, poaching, frying or even making Sushi - his aim is always to delight and satisfy his guests in every way. And he's more than happy to give you a glimpse of his kitchen's "kokoro" (Japanese for 'heart'). From breakfast through to lunch and dinner, small bites and picnic baskets - a delicious experience awaits you!

The Manor house is a wireless hotspot whilst all the Deck House rooms have high-speed internet connection. There is a library facility with a selection of coffee table books and novels in Earls Dyke Manor. You will discover a variety of books on South African history, sport, fauna & flora, bird life and traveling. Also available from the library is a selection of DVD's, which can be enjoyed in the comfort of your room.

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